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[ As Celebration for the awesome April’s Fools. I decided to stream with free giveaways such as the new Wacom Tablet and Posters of truly yours, Ask Indie Jones. 

  • There will be free commission 
  • Crazy Q&A with me
  • And live cam
  • I’ll probably play horrors games too of your choice!
  • The Stream start now by the way.


So I’ll see you guys there! ]

[ Posting this here too. The more the merrier! ]

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"You little shite don’t need my pick up lines. Happy all sex day."

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D’aww. I have cuties in my inbox. Thank you so much for your heart-warming message and support. I will keep it in my inbox for me to read over and over whenever I feel down. I can’t ask more, I love you guys.

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(///~///) S-Senpai, I made you this, I hope you like it. Even though it’s not that good….  Gomen… 

[ *GASP* What do you mean not good?! This is great!! More practice and you’ll be way better than me, I assure you. So keep on drawing! Thank you for this lovely fanart. I love it. <3 ]

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See what you do?

Why yes. Yes, I do. I’m good looking. <3

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Get out.

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[whoops fixed something resubmitting, sorry!]

HAPPY 2014 NOX!!

aaa i was overjoyed to see your blog back up after returning to tumblr so aah yeah, have some fanart! hope you have a great year ahead!

[ WHOA! ;w;)/ I am not worthy of your awesome. Thank you so much. <3 I wish you the best this 2014! ]

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OOC - New Year Talk with Mun

Thank you for another year of support, fun, craziness, sometimes hate, sometimes drama but I have to admit that 2013 ended quickly than I expected, probably because of many negative stuffs happening both in RL and Interweb. It’s new year so I suppose it’s alright to spill everything then let go to make a new start.


I sat here, typing this very long message and telling you all the awful experience I had about betrayal, being taken for granted and many others. I even cry, I even feel anger and regret… But then I realize… We all have bad things happening in our lives, while some had worst so I have no right to complain here.. I deleted what I typed earlier. 

So.. Err. Do you come here often? /slapped.

Okay, serious. I want to thank you everyone for supporting me. My fanbase is aggressive as always, you all are peasants but I love you dearly. I hope you keep on reblogging my work and not repost it outside the blog or I’ll bite your axilla, you don’t know what axilla is? Armpit. Congratulation, you learned a new word. :B Now sit down.


Like I mentioned earlier.. I’ll make a new start. 2013 is a very unlucky year for me.. Now I hope, 2014 will give me even a small luck. Year of the Horse, I wish it;ll kick me good to take a huge leap forward. I’m an ambitious person, we all know that right? No? :l Boo. My new year’s resolution would be.. Exploring the world- (Impossible!) 2013, I’m set to work in Florida but because of the sudden change of economy, my employer back out. My half year waiting for Visa has been cancelled and I’m more than pissed and downhearted after that. 2014, since America is a bit tight on employment, I planned on working/study in Canada, Quebec. You see, because of the super typhoon happened in the Philippines, Canada open their doors for Filipinos like me. They prioritize us in processing our Visa to get in their country. (Wake up America!)

I really want to take up concept art but I have another goal in life.. And that is to work in UK. I have to put my dreams aside again and study medical instead of art in order to work and live in UK (Damn you UK!). It will be tough road and take years before I be able to get in Europe but it’s better to be late than never. In the meantime, while working/study in Canada, I would visit different places, including America so maybe in the future, askblogger or followers, we could do meeting and cosplays together? :B

Living far away from home will be difficult, I need (hopefully new peasants friends) people to show me around and help me fit in. I’m an alien from the 3rd world so I’m not sure how things work in foreign country.. Like, do you guys wear shoes inside houses? /slapped.

2014 will be insane for sure. The thought of living in a different country is quite.. Scary but at the same time, exciting.

What about you guys? What are your plans for 2014?

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