Welcome to my Lair
cosplayer-2000-awesomeness asked: What wouuld you do if a girl surrendered to be your personal slve.

Surrendered? Love. Everyone is my slave ever since they’re born. :) Next!

pinktomatocosplaysgofficial asked: What would you do if I told you I don't mind you taking away my soul or virginity?

I don’t need it. Next!

red-deer-spirit asked: I have an APH oc named Brentwood. Brent being the old English word for Burnt. Brentwood also being the name an old mining town within England that had been built within a clearing within a forest that was made by a mysterious fire.... SO Demon england. I would like to introduce you to Sofia Brentwood your like.... Cousin like six times removed or something. (see her on blog blond hair blue dress)

I don’t have a cousin. :) next ask please!

Anonymous asked: I ship you with Ivan, pass it on.

What do you mean ship? Do I look like a blood ship to you?! I don’t have an anchor on my butt- *looks at tail* oh. :l

I get it, goodness, I get it.

I’m going.

It was a fun party. Thank you all, ta.

as if any of us are getting laid

My **** is free every Halloween. You’re getting laid.

Thank you, slaves. For that, I’ll give you condoms for Halloween— Alright, serious, tell me what you want and I’ll grant it (By majority). 4,000 souls is a grand present, I think it’s fair to return the favor, hmm?